Gra online Legenda: Wojna Smoków

Informacja o przedmiocie

Drogocenna kuta skrzynka

Szkatułki, kufry
Poziom 4  3

Charakterystyka przedmiotu
Nie można przekazać przedmiotu
Przedmiot nie zajmuje miejsca w plecaku
A chest, fortified with inlays of precious alloys and decorated with large gems. Such a reliable and valuable container is surely designed for a true treasure.

Inside you will find:
Cerrador Amulet and Scorpolion Amulet
Restless Dzerug Amulet
Sands of Memory
Titan Sash
Seal of Antimagic Folio
Mass Healing Folio
Antique Battle Satchel
Legendary Working Tool Certificate
Working Tool Certificate
Battle Axes Symbol
Shoemaker Token 10-35 pcs
Little Cerrador Medallion
Young Scorpolion Medallion
Joker Card
Bargaining Token
War Mage amulet fragments
• Closed Chess Pieces of all levels
Great and absolute elixirs
Other prizes.