Gra online Legenda: Wojna Smoków

Informacja o przedmiocie

Śnieżny Amulet Archasa

Poziom 4  20  15

Charakterystyka przedmiotu
Termin ważności 14dn
Prędkość +30
Nie można przekazać przedmiotu
Przedmiot nie zajmuje miejsca w plecaku
Przedmiotu nie można «zamrozić»
A magic amulet that gives you power over an Arhas [4]  mount. Use this artefact to summon and mount the animal. Once mounted on the Arhas, you will travel 30% faster and can carry 3 more items. It eats special animal feed. Every time you mount it, the Arhas eats 1 portion of food. After each combat in which it participates, it will eat 25 portions of food. Important: The Arhas does not fight in battle, but, responding to its master's summons, it relieves them of all standard poisoning effects and negative spells and heals by up to 70% of its maximum health, after which it leaves the battle. You cannot summon an Arhas to the same battle more than once with any magic resources.
To summon an Arhas you should have 1 riding skill, which Orfin the Beastmaster or Arnica the Horsewoman can help you acquire.
Only one mount can join a battle!
December - Winter Time in Faeo Event
2015 season