Extra Services
  In order to place an order please create a ticket at our support website in the Premium services section:

Premium services can only be payed for through the purchase of corresponding certificates in premium shop.

Extra Services



Every user of Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is entitled to order an individually designed avatar together with an individually created legend linked to the game character. When you order such an avatar, you not only have the chance to create the basic look and features of the avatar, you can also write your own background story for the character.


Please Note: The features of the avatar you would like to order must comply with the game concept and the race of which you are a member.


Examples (clickable):


Moonwalker   DEMON4U

Go to Legendary Humans
Go to Legendary Magmars

Price: 1200 Diamond

Use of flash animation in the image: +900 Diamond




Every clan can order a unique clan crest. The design concept is either developed by our creative team or provided by the clan itself. The clan crest is shown in the clan information. Additionally, the clan may submit a clan history or let our creative team create one. The clan will then be included in the Legendary Clan section.




Go to existing Legendary Clans.

Price: 1100 Brilliant

Use of flash animation in the image: + 900 Brilliant

PLEASE NOTE! All coats of arms ordered must feature a single character that will be recognisable on a coat of arms, flag or banner. This means you cannot use wide landscape images, group pictures with several characters, complex scenes, or visual depth. You can use the examples below as examples of suitable designs.

Unfortunately we have no choice but to refuse any orders that do not meet these criteria (i.e. that go beyond what is possible)!






If you want to cheer up a friend with an exclusive gift, or if you want to present somebody with a unique gift for a special occasion, you can do the following:


You can order an individual gift design with a unique image in a red frame. The value of this gift is its individuality and, should you choose it, its permanence (it won't disappear from the info), and you can also present it to members of the opposite race.



Please Note: The gifts you order must correspond to the game concept.


Examples (clickable):





Individual gift, 10 items, can be given to members of the opposite race,
lifespan of 90 days: 60 Brilliant

Individual gift, 1 item, can be given to members of the opposite race,
infinite lifespan: 60 Brilliant (additional 5 identical items: 99 Brilliant)

Animated Gift:

Individual gift, 1 item, can be given to members of the opposite race,
infinite lifespan:
90 Diamond (additional 5 identical items: 299 Diamond)



Perpetuation of Gifts

If you were presented an in-game gift on your profile that you would like to keep forever, you can turn this gift into an eternal one.

Price for the perpetuation of a gift: 15 Diamond





Should you wish to use an emoticon that only you or your clan possesses, we can offer individually designed emoticons.






Price for the creation and application of an individual emote: 500 Diamond 
Price for the creation and application of a clan emote: 499 Diamond




Do you want to make your significant other happy? Order unique wedding rings from Faeo's best jewellers. The rings you get will be unique, no other couple in the world can claim to have rings like this!




Please Note: The drawing of the male and the female ring, as well as the drawing of the ring set, are included in the price.


Price of Rings: 299 Diamond






If you use a forbidden nickname, your character will be blocked. There is, however, the option to change a forbidden nickname and to unblock the character in question. This option is available for characters from level 4.


Price: 5 Diamond 







Recovery of a professional skill or items that were accidently dropped by a player, where the fault for this lies with the player.



Please note that players who wish to recover a skill must first relearn their original profession. As soon as they have done so, the players can contact us and we will restore their professional skill to its original value. However, items connected with the profession cannot be retrieved!

For technical reasons the profession of healer cannot be recovered!

If you wish to use this service, your abandonment of the profession in question or the loss of the item(s) should date back no longer than 2 months .

Price: 15 Diamond  for the restoration of a profession or an item (+15 Diamond per Bezel/Rune inserted in item).








Changing a clan symbol (not legendary): 99 Brilliant
Name change: 49 Diamond
 Clan recovery: 99 Diamond


The name and symbol must correspond to the game concept.
A clan can be recovered no longer than 2 weeks after it has been removed.






If you want to send your regards to a friend, or if you wish to congratulate a friend on new achievements or to express your feelings towards somebody in such a way that all of Faeo will learn of it, you can do so in the main chat. Your message can be submitted in different colours and using various tags and game emoticons.




13:17  SantaClaus : Dear inhabitants of Faeo! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Price: 29 Diamond. The price includes 3 messages at an interval of your choice. Additional repetitions cost 9 Diamond per message. The minimal time window between two messages is 15 minutes. The maximal message size is 500 symbols.

It is prohibited to place advertisements in this message. You have to determine the time the first message should appear, the period between messages (frequency) and the quantity of repetitions. If the message is due to appear on weekends or holidays, the order must be placed at least 3 working days before the desired date.






Increase the stats of the chosen item via transferring runes from same items.


When transferring runes from one item to another, the rune's level and progress are saved. Bezels, symbols and charms are not transferred.


Terms and conditions:


Pay attention!

You cannot extract the rune, the service implies only the transfer of the rune from one item to the other. If an item to which you want to transfer the rune already has a rune, the rune that you want to transfer will replace the existing rune.

Approximate time of completion: 3 working days

Cost of the service: 20 per rune







Transfer to another race is available for characters of level 6 and higher.

Terms and conditions:

  • transfer of the character is done completely, including all of the stats, bank accounts etc.;
  • some of the character's items will be changed so that they correspond to the new race: amulets of teleportation, mounts and reputations;
  • characters of level 11 and higher will change their school of magic and loose all the spells that they learned before, instead they will receive corresponding spells of the new school of magic.

All of the items in the list should be completed AFTER the character is checked by the staff members of the premium services department.

  • You should delete all quests with the status "Started", with the exception of the "Great Deeds" quests ON YOUR OWN.
  • ON YOUR OWN delete all characters from you friends list.
  • If your character is a member of the clan, you should leave it.
  • When the character is transferred to another race, his/her appearance is changed randomly, later you will be able to change it.
  • If a character has a wife or a husband, they will be automatically divorced.
  • All achievements for discovering locations will be deleted.
  • In you applicatoin tell us which charms do you have installed.
  • If you have a unique character its transfer is discussed separately.

Game administration reserves the right to decline this service without giving an explanation.

Approximate time of completion: 7 work days (from the moment when the diamonds were deducted from your account)

Cost of the service: 150




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