Since the discovery of the Otherworld scientists, sorcerers and wise men of Faeo are struggling with the mysteries of that universe. The particular interest is always brought by its old magic, so different from all that has been previously known. Much time and effort has been spent on research for it, but after long studies all is one step closer to solving. It was found that the magic of the Otherworld is woven of special symbols, each of which gives to an enchanted object specific attributes. Some symbols grant attributes like runes or bezels, others change the qualites, and the third are saturated with a special blessing which may appear in battle.

Faeo mages was not able to create such symbols, but they was able to think of how to transfer their magical properties to the items of warriors' equipment. For that are being applied special artefacts - Moulds, which can be purchased at the Trade Fair of Wonders or in the Premium Shop. For each type of items is necessary to use their specific magic mould. For example, the cuisses one - Cuisses Mould, cuirass one - Cuirass Mould and so on. An important characteristic of this enhancement is that, it is impossible to predict exactly which symbols will be transferred on the equipment when the mould is being used. Also the amount of placed moulds can vary.

Certainly known: The better the item is, the more symbols it can hold. Regular items can fit only 1 symbol, Quality - 1 or 2 symbols, Rare - from 1 to 3 symbols, and Uniquie items and legendary weapons -  from 1 to 4 symbols. Pay attention, legendary items, beside weapons, DO NOT FIT symbols in them. If you are unhappy with a set of symbols, obtained by applying the mould, you can use the same type mould again - then new symbols will replace the old ones. Keep in mind: The higher the level of the item is, the more powerful symbols may apply on it.
As a result of numerous experiments over the use of Otherworld's moulds, the following laws were found: 
- the level of the placed symbol can not be higher than the level of the item;
- some symbols are much more rarer than others;
- two identical symbols does not apply on one item (although, it is possible of having symbols from the same type but different levels);
- some of the symbols can be seen only for certain types of items.

Magical symbols, as another type for strenghtening of equipment items, are being placed additionally with runes and bezels. One item can hold at the same time rune, bezel and a set of symbols. 


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