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Greetings, novice warrior! You have begun your journey into the game that is Legend: Legacy of the Dragons and this guidebook will you get to grips with your new world.
Once you have completed the registration process, you will find yourself in a small settlement. If you are a Human, the Settlement of Klesva will be your home town and if you picked the Magmars, the Settlement of Chernag will be your birthplace.
First things first: Meeting the locals and using the shop
Before doing anything else, you should talk to your local chief, Chief Kort in Klesva and Chief Torgor in Chernag. Each  of them has some important information and a couple of tasks to help you learn the basics of life in Faeo. The chief will instruct you to buy a Leather Vest and a pair of Leather Cuisses. You should not spend your money on anything else and will not be able to leave the settlement until the chief is satisfied you have a sturdy set of leather armour to protect your body.
 Chief Kort Chief Torgor
To buy the items, you must go to the Shop, which can be found on the right-hand menu, and then go to the ‘Light armour’ section. Click ‘Buy’ on the Leather Vest and the Leather Cuisses items and you will see each of them appear on the right-hand side in ‘Your cart’, along with the quantity and price of the item, the total value of your purchase and the amount of money in your wallet. If you want to remove something from your cart, click the red X next to the item in ‘Your cart’. Once you are happy with your purchase, click ‘Pay’. The first items you should buy are the Leather Vest and Leather Cuisses. Once you have done so, return to the chief and tell him the good news.
 Leather Vest Leather Cuisses
Getting dressed
The next step is to dress your character with your leather armour. You can do this by going to your backpack, which can be found by clicking the icon on the left-hand side of the menu at the top of the screen:

Character button

This will bring up a sub-menu and, again, you should click the first icon on the left, the ‘Backpack’ icon:

Backpack button

This will bring up your character and you will be able to see the ‘Effects’ compartment of your backpack, which will be empty. Your Leather Vest and Leather Cuisses can be found in the ‘Items’ section. Click ‘Items’ to see your armour. To put it on your character, move the mouse over the item thumbnail image and click 'equip'. Repeat the process for the other armour item. Now you know the basic process of dressing your character and equipping weapons and you are ready for battle.
Let battle commence!
To take part in battle, you must enter the Arena. There are arenas in your home settlement (Settlement of Klesva or Settlement of Chernag) and in the City Squares of the continental capitals (City of O’Del’vays and City of Dartrong). Once there, you need to select a type of battle.
There are three types of PvP combat in the game:
Duel: One-on-one combat. You simply have to issue a challenge, indicating the level of the desired opponent and setting the timeout, and wait for someone to accept. Once someone has accepted the challenge, it is up to you whether you want to engage in battle with that opponent.
Group battle: Here you select which team you want to fight for and wait for battle to commence. You can join a team which is not yet full or you can issue your own challenge and wait for others to join you.
Melee: Once you have accepted a challenge to a melee, you will be placed on a list with all the other challengers. The list will then be automatically divided into two teams and the fighting will begin.
Once you have chosen your battle and issued or accepted a challenged, you will see the battle screen displayed before you.

Fight screen with "three swords" combat system

Your character is shown on the left and your opponent on the right. The circle in the centre of the screen shows three swords. By clicking on one of the swords, you will select one of three blows: to the head, body or legs. You can also assume the block position, halving the strength of your enemy’s blows, but this also halves the strength of your own blows. Whilst waiting for an opponent, you will see the following image:

Waiting for your opponent...

After the battle, you will see a table of statistics, showing, from left to right, the experience and valour earned, the damage inflicted and life healed and the number of kills made by each player in the battle.

Fight statistics

Remember, if you don’t deal answering strikes to your opponent’s attacks four times in a row, you will lose the battle by timeout.
Aside from fighting in the arenas, you can also do battle with members of the opposite race. For that, you must leave the settlement. To leave the Settlement of Chernag, click ‘Smoky Knolls’ from the location list on the right-hand side of the screen, and to leave the Settlement of Klesva, click ‘Free Meadows’. (N.B. You will not be able to do this until the local chief (Chief Kort or Chief Torgor) is happy that you have bought the leather armour items as described above.) Once outside the protective palisades of the settlement, you could find yourself in ferocious battle with a member of the opposite race or a monster at any moment. You have been warned!
If you really want to go looking for the enemy, though, and have reached level 2, you must head to the Chions Mountains where there are frequent battles between Magmars and Humans. To do this, you must get from your home settlement to the portal which will transport you to the bloody battlefield. You can find out how to get there by using the Navigator, which can be opened by clicking the compass button:

Navigator button

Select ‘Locations’ from the drop-down menu and another drop-down menu will appear. Magmars should select Hell’s Pass from this list and Humans should select Foothills. Then click ‘Confirm’ and the route will be highlighted on the map of Faeo, which can be loaded by clicking first the ‘Maps’ button, then the ‘World’ map button:
Maps button --->>> World map button
Simply click through the locations on the right-hand menu as indicated by the map. Keep referring to the map for orientation, the location you need to click will flash orange. Magmars will find themselves in the Settlement of Faytir and Humans will end up in Baurvill Hamlet. In these locations you will find a portal to Hell’s Pass and the Foothills, respectively. Click the portal and you will be whisked away to join the ferocious battles in the Chions Mountains. From Hell’s Pass and the Foothills, you simply need to step onto the Plateau of Silence where battles galore await. Not only can you attack others, they can attack you. If you think you’re strong enough and ready to throw down the gauntlet to your enemy, click the sword icon to the left of any of the names in the users list next to the chat area, and battle will commence. Be warned, though, others may join in your battles.
Red, green and blue: Status bars
You will see three status bars beneath your name in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Character status bars

The long green bar shows how much experience you have earned, thus showing how much further you have to go before levelling up. The red bar is your life level. Finally, the blue bar indicates your mana level (magic energy), which is available to higher level players.
One of the most important elements of the game interface is the chat section. Legend’s chat is divided into several channels allowing you to select and filter the information and messages you receive. The following panel is used to manage the chat channels and can be found above the list of players in the bottom-right corner of the screen:

Chat buttons

To the right of the ‘Group’ button are the chat channel buttons arranged from from left to right:
1. General location channel
2. Trade channel
3. Clan channel (requires you to be in a clan)
4. Group channel (requires you to be in a group)
5. Raid channel (requires you to be on a raid)
The button of the channel you are currently viewing is shown in red, and the channel you are sending messages to is shown in yellow. The buttons of all the unused channels are shown in grey.
You can find the main menu buttons to the right of your character information and status bars in the upper part of the screen:


The “Backpack” button, found in the “Character” sub-menu, opens your character’s inventory. Here you can view your attributes by clicking the Attributes button. The “Character” sub-menu also allows you to edit your personal information by clicking the Personal button.

The “Knowledge” sub-menu provides links to game-related information such as the Forum, News and About sections.
The “Battlefields” button gives you information about the game’s battlefields and allows you to queue up for them. There are currently three battlefields: Crystalline Caves, Arena of the Underground Knights and Ancient Temple of the Chosen. Find out more here.
The “Location” button returns you to the screen displaying the image of your current location.
The “Hunt” button gives you a bird’s eye view of your current location, allowing you to see what monsters you can hunt.
The “Fights” button displays all the current battles in your location.


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