Hunter's Manual

In many of Faeo’s locations you can use the “Hunt” mode. This allows you to attack the monsters wandering menacingly around any given location.

For defeating a monster you will receive money and/or items (known as loot or drops) in the form of equipment and elixirs. There is also a small chance of receiving certain items from green, blue or violet armour sets.
To enter the “Hunt” mode, you simply need to click on the “Hunt” button in the menu at the top of the screen:

Hunt menu button

The “Hunt” screen will open with various options and information. You are depicted by the grey warrior figure, with the yellow circle around it, in one of the corners of the screen. You can use the scroll to look up and down the current section you are in and you can look at different sections by using the N, E, S and W compass point buttons.
Once you have found the monster you are looking for, click on it and a circle will be shown around it so you can track it across the screen. The information showing in the upper-right corner shows the monster’s name, level and how aggressive it is feeling. On the left-hand side, a button with two crossed swords will light up in red. Click this to attack the monster. (N.B. The other three buttons, to the left of the attack button, are for Geologists, Herbologists and Fishermen, respectively.)

The hunt screen

When you are in “Hunt” mode, you will always be at the centre of the location and a large yellow area will appear in one of the corners to indicate your position as you look around the location.
All monsters have a level and radius of aggression. The level indicates the chance of being attacked, whilst the radius indicates the distance it is likely to attack from. A monster’s aggression level can be identified by the colour of its name, or by looking at the monster information shown in the top right-hand corner:

Aggression levels

The aggression radius is determined by the difference in your level and the monster’s level; the greater the difference, the greater the radius.
You should also bear in mind that when you attack a monster you are transported to its location where other monsters in the vicinity might join in the battle.
Q. What level do I need to be to hunt?
A. There are no level restrictions on hunting.
Q. Where is the “Hunt” mode button?
A. It can be found on the menu at the top of the screen, between the “Location” and “Fights” buttons.
Q. How can I attack a monster in “Hunt” mode?
A. Select one of the monsters wandering around the screen, then click the two crossed swords which show up in red in the upper-left hunt options menu.

Attack button

Q. How can I join a battle which has already begun?
A. You can either join an on-going fight by going to the “Fights” screen, selecting “Current fights” and then clicking the sword icon to the left of the monster’s name, or you can simply find a monster that’s already in a fight by looking for the little information (an “i” in a yellow circle) symbol on a monster in the “Hunt” screen and attacking it in the normal way. However, be warned, that most people do not take kindly to others interfering in their fights.

Current fights

Under attack

Q. Can monsters themselves start a fight?
A. Indeed they can! They can start their own fights or join in on-going ones.
Q. What does the “i” symbol mean on some monsters?
A. It means that the monster is in the midst of battle. Click on the “i” to view the fight statistics.
Q. How do I get a reward for fighting monsters?
A. At the end of the battle, whoever causes the most damage will receive a reward. The size and quality of the reward depends solely on the monster and the amount of damage inflicted has no influence.
Q. If there is more than one monster in the battle, what rewards will I get?
A. The more monsters there are in a battle, the greater the reward at the end of it.


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