Grouping Together

1. Q: What is a group?
    A: A group is a temporary unification of players who have joined together to fulfil one of the game’s tasks.
2. Q: Why should I join a group?
    A: Some tasks and monsters are very difficult for one player alone to complete or conquer. To make things easier, players can join together in a group.
3. Q: Who is the group leader?
    A: The group leader is the player who organises any given group or who has been appointed as leader by the organiser. The group leader can both invite new members to the group and banish current members from it, if necessary. The group leader is also in charge of distributing any dropped items and can set the rules for distributing such items amongst the group members.
4. Q: How many people can be in a group?
    A: The maximum number of players that can be in one group is 5.
5. Q: How can I create a group?
    A: First, you need to click the “Group” button, which can be found above the list of players in chat. Then, click “Create A Group”.
Creating a group is very simple 
6.Q: What level can players be in my group?
   A: The players in your group must be the same level as you or one level below.
7.Q: How can I invite other players into my group?
   A: You need to enter the player’s name into the relevant field (as shown below) and click “Invite”.
Inviting others into your group is easy
8.Q: What does the crown icon mean next to one of the players in the group?
   A: The crown indicates which player is the group leader.
9.Q: How is money distributed amongst the group?
   A: Money is distributed equally amongst all the group members.
10.Q: How are items distributed amongst the group?
     A: There are 2 methods of distributing items amongst the group:

Method one
– random distribution. After an item drops from a monster, it goes directly into the group backpack. When this happens, each group will see the following message: "Your party has found [ name of item ]". The item will then be randomly distributed to one of the group members who will see the following message: "You have received [ item name ]".
Method two – the group leader distributes. After an item drops, it goes into a virtual group backpack, where it will stay until the leader hands it out to one of the group members or until the item expires. Items remain in the backpack for 3 HOURS only and CANNOT be restored once they have expired.

WARNING! Always leave a spare slot in your backpack for items you might receive in battle. If you do not do so, randomly-distributed items will go to another player. Also, be aware that the group leader can only distribute items to those group members who are in the same location. 
11.Q: How can I transfer leadership of the group to another group member?
     A: Select any of the players in the group list, right-click on their name and select “Transfer leadership”.
Warning: You cannot transfer leadership to a player whose level is below yours or to a player who is not in the same location as you.
12.Q: How can I write in group chat?
     A: Click on the button shown below in the chat channel list.

Group chat button

13. Q: I am the group leader. How can I distribute items amongst the group members?
      A: To distribute items amongst the group members, you need to click the “Loot distribution” button in the group menu.

Loot distribution panel

Then select an item from the virtual group backpack that you want to distribute and the name of the player to whom you want to give the item.
14. Q:  If I am a group member but not in the same location as the rest of the group members, will I still receive money and items from monsters if I kill them?
      A: Yes. If you are in a different location to the rest of the group members your actions will be considered as those of an individual player.


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