At The Auction

In the squares of Dartrong and O’Del’vays and the centres of Chernag and Klesva, you can find Faeo’s auction houses, which are a great help in the trading process for both the buyer and the seller. The auction is accessible from level 2.
You will find several sections in the auction house: Auction, My lots and New lot.
I.Searching for items
In the Auction section, you can easily find any item you need amongst those on sale.
You can filter the available items by the following parameters:
- item name
- item level
- item class
- item colour
Auction search bar 
Next to the each item is its starting price (required) and a buy now price (not required).
You can see the approximate time until the bidding is concluded in the Time column. The following time periods are possible:
Little – less than 2 hours
Average - from 2 to 8 hours
A lot more than 8hours
If an item has a buy now price, you can buy it instantly for that price without waiting for the bidding to conclude.
Make a bid or buy now
If you do not want to buy an item for its buy now price, or if it does not have one, you can always place a bid on the item:

Enter the price you are willing to pay

If you place a bid for an item, other players have the opportunity to make a larger bid before the conclusion of bidding. You do not have to remain at the auction until the bidding is concluded.
When the bidding is concluded, the item will be sent by post to the highest bidder.
Warning! Returned bids, purchase money and purchased items ARE NOT placed straight in your backpack. They are sent to you by post.
II. Putting items up for auction
You can place your items up for sale in the auction by going to the New lot section:
 Adding a new lot
When you create a new lot, you can enter a starting price, length of bidding and a buy now price.
When you create a lot, you will pay a fee to the auction house, the size of which depends on the following factors:
- length of bidding
- face value of item
- start price/buy now price
Warning! The fee payable to the auction house is not refundable if your item does not sell or if a seller cancels a lot.
III. Monitoring your lots and withdrawing a lot
In the My lots section you can monitor the status of the lots you have put up for auction.

Monitoring your lots

You can keep an eye on current bids on your items, the bidders and the time left until the conclusion of bidding.
You can also withdraw any of your lots by clicking the “Cancel” button. The fee paid to the auction house is non-returnable in such circumstances.


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