Understanding Instances

Instances are locations where you and your group can obtain rare and unique items by killing the instance bosses. You can find a complete list of the items you can obtain in instances in the Armory.
Description and Principles of Operation:

    An instance is an area made up of a specific number of locations. Numerous groups of players can be present in this area at any given time but each group will be in its own copy of the instance and will not interact in any way with the groups in other copies.
     If you have not yet been in an instance, the first thing you must do is create a group of at least 3 players, after which you can create an instance copy for your group or, to put it simply, you can enter an instance.
     Warning! You can only enter an instance as a member of group. If you leave a group, are banished from a group and your group is disbanded, you will be transferred from within the instance to its entrance.

     Each instance copy has its own unique number (or ID), duration (the length of time for which any given copy of an instance will exist, during which time you can enter it). The duration begins to count down from the moment the instance is created. In addition, each instance has a repetition period (the time period which must elapse after an instance expires before you can create a new copy).

     After you have entered the instance, your character will be tied to that copy of it. That means that for the duration of the copy to which you are tied, you will not be able to another copy of it. After your instance copy expires and the repetition period has passed, you will again be able to enter any other instance copy or create your own new copy.
     Important!If you are tied to one instance copy, you cannot enter an instance copy with a group that is tied to an instance copy with a different ID. 

     You should only have players in your group who are tied to the same instance copy ID.
Information about the Status of an Instance:
    You can find out all the information about your instance copy by entering the command /instinfo in the chat.
Depending on your status you might see several types of message:

are not tied to an instance and can join any group you wish or create your own copy for a group of at least 3 players.

There is a group in your instance copy led by the player indicated.

There is no one in your instance copy. The list of players who can enter your instance copy after you have created a group is shown at the end.

Messages which you might see if you are unsuccessful attempting to enter an instance:
   ● "You may only enter the instance as a group member"
Reason: you are not a member of a group
   ● "There must be at least 3 players in the group to create an instance!"
Reason: you are trying to create an instance copy with less than 3 players in your group
   ● "You will not be able to enter this instance for another N hours M minutes! " 
Reason: yourinstancecopyhasexpired, but the repetition period has not yet ended.
  "The given instance has the maximum number of created copies! Please try again later!" 
Reason: the number of copies of an instance that can be made is limited and at the moment all the copies are occupied.
   ● "You cannot enter this instance with this group because the members’ copies differ! Create a new group!"
Reason: the group which you are a member of is tied to a different instance copy. You can use the /isntinfo command to get the list of characters who are tied to the same instance copy as you.
   ● "To enter this instance, you must be between levels M and N!” 
Reason: your level does not satisfy the entry requirements for this instance.
   ● "You cannot enter this instance as it is currently occupied by another group! " 
Reason: another group is already in this instance copy.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Can I enter an instance if my group breaks up and all the members are transferred to the entrance?
: Yes. You simply need to create a new group of at least 3 players tied to the same instance copy or not tied to any other instance copy.
Question: When am I ‘un-tied’ from an instance copy?
Answer: You are ‘un-tied’ after your instance copy expires and the repetition period has passed.
Question: Am I tied to an instance if join a group but don’t actually enter an instance?.
Answer: No. You are only tied to an instance when you enter it.
Question: Can I enter an instance if, after my group is disbanded, someone from it creates a new group and enters the instance?
Answer: No. Only one group can be in an instance copy at any given time. You can only enter the instance again with a newly-created group if it is free, i.e. if there is no other group there. If you are banished from a group and are accepted into another group you will also be unable to enter the given instance copy.


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