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April 2024
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The benevolent Luck Glow sent down by the higher forces to the lands of Faeo has extinguished...
Who has earned the blessing of the changeable fortune thanks to their excitement and generous offerings this time? How close were the representatives of each race to each other? Read more information in the news...
Warriors of both continents can receive the promised reward from the Well of Fortune and Mouth of Fortune at the City Squares of O'Delvays and Dartrong.
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 Bankers generosity!05.04.2024 12:00

Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:
When replenishing 50 1021030
When replenishing 100 52540
When replenishing 150 1021550
When replenishing 200 1151060
When replenishing 250 322070
When replenishing 300  111580
When replenishing 350  312590
When replenishing 400  3120100
When replenishing 450  5120030110
When replenishing 500  1225120
When replenishing 550, 600, 650, 700, 750    a random award from the steps
presented and 50 Platinum Thaler

The offer will last till 07.04, 23:59.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!
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 New Magic Mirror Rewards05.04.2024 12:00

Pay attention to the new bundles:

2 2

The way to the realm of reflections,seems to be blocked forever by the unshakable surface of mirrors. But now the celestial bodies are positioned in such a way that this barrier has become permeable for a short time! The mirror spirits, who have long dreamed of taking possession of the gold of all worlds, have immediately seized this rare opportunity. However, do not be afraid of the invasion of enemy armies - the spirits will simply offer the warriors a gamble.

In exchange for payment of gold coins, you can take possession of one of the valuable items supplied by the mirror, or even an amazing artefact that cannot be obtained in any other way.

In the Premium Shop, under the "Promotions" tab, a new item is available - Reliquary of the Looking-glass spirit! Please note: These chests are fully equivalent to the "Magic Mirror" event. You can purchase the new item for  diamonds and Platinum Thalers
The chests will remain on sale until 12:00 09.04
Please note: Reliquary of the Looking-glass spirit is fully equivalent to the event "Magic Mirror". When you open the Ark, you can also obtain unique itemsCuisses of Agonnyy TokenGlif-a-Mirey’s Boots Token and Bag of Magical Stones!
Come to try your luck in the Magic Mirror event! Hurry warriors, the Magic Mirror event won't last forever!
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 Update in the Premium Shop!03.04.2024 12:00

Warriors! The Premium Shop has been updated! Enjoy the new Certificate «30 best days»! After purchasing it you will receive more daily login bonuses!
Please note: the chests you get with Certificate «30 best days» will contain even more rewards!​
But there is more! Do you like the Benefical Exchange event? With this certificate you will have it as long as you have Certificate «30 best days»! For exchanging 15  diamonds, you will receive additional  gold!  

Keep in mind: after purchasing Certificate «30 best days» you will receive it's first benefit only NEXT DAY.
The offer will last until 12:00 10.04.

Welcome to the Premium Shop!
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 Beneficial exchange02.04.2024 13:00

Banks of  Ogriy and  Khair value and love their clients, because mutual respect is the foundation on which beneficial to both parties relations are built! Anyone who trades in diamonds will have a pleasant surprise...


With a one-time  49 diamonds for  gold exchange in the bank you will receive an additional reward! Hurry up! After all, bankers can change their minds...
There will be enough gifts for everyone!
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Please note that by participating in the event, you can receive unique items as rare rewards: Khorsungum’s Helmet Token and Glif-a-Mirey’s Boots Token!
Warriors! Smugglers’ accomplices are spreading rumors that  Gloum and  Chigrik have gotten hold of rare items, which they are willing to sell in the Smuggling shop.
 Gloum and  Chigrik offer rare items that range from gnomish treasures to the hearts of mighty Kroffdors and Eldives. Some claim that they have seen items that belonged to General UyarrMO himself! Pay attention to the changes of the offer!

The sale will last from 13:00 02.04 until 13:00 04.04.

Don't miss the chance to get unique goods!
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 Spheres of the Great Ergam01.04.2024 15:00

The eternal city of Ergam, which lies outside of Faeo, is already known to some. The brave warriors who managed to cross the border between the worlds appreciate its size and age, the wealth of the residents and the enlightenment of the sages. However, such transgressions are not without consequences for the universal balance. Sometimes they lead to the appearance of unpredictable astral currents that carry matter through a barrier between the worlds...

What mysterious storm brought these small fragments, crafted by Ergam crafters, to our world? Was it through emptying a rich merchant's warehouse? By destroying an old tomb on the outskirts? Walking through the corridors of the famous labyrinth, which still holds many secrets, with a merry roar? The details are unknown, even to the wisest of residents. However it does not matter! The main thing is that now the warriors of Faeo can take possession of the fragments of the Ergam sphere and receive all sorts of stats and achievements!
Hurry to touch great Ergam’s magic, warrior!
It's not every day that the Astral Flow brings riches to Faeo from another world!
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 Thousand and one riddles01.04.2024 14:00

The world of Faeo is full of unsolved mysteries. And today we will tell you one of them. This is the story of a powerful magician of ancient times, who sealed his treasures in a magic casket, and the warriors who were willing to do anything to discover the contents of this chest, in order to take control of the monstrous power lurking within it. However, no one has ever managed to do this. Many centuries ago, a fearless warrior tried, in vain, to solve the mystery of the magic chest. Using all their might and a powerful blow from their axe, they broke the chest into many pieces. No one has heard of this chest since. Until today...

In the city's taverns, there were rumours that some warrior had found one of the fragments of this chest. It seems that the all of Faeo has gone mad trying to find and recreate the casket of the powerful ancient mage. Join us in this madness! From 14:00 1.04, to 23:59 April 10.04, you have a chance to get one of chest fragments in battles with superbeings, as well as for winning or participating in the Arena, Ancient temple of the Chosen and in the Crystalline Caves. Having collected 5 such fragments, you will be able to recreate Chest of a Thousand Riddles and unlock the valuable rewards stored in it. If, of course, you can open it - this task will not be possible for everyone!

Wizards from all over the world are grabbing their heads and pulling their hair out - for one of their comrades, having had a drink with Shiz-beer at the City Fair and stepping out into the fresh air, noticed that the stars had once again formed a bizarre figure in the sky, for the thirteenth time this year! This time the sages managed to discern a constellation, in its outline resembling... one person of royal blood!
Good luck, warriors!
Challenge the dangerous mysteries of antiquity
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 Joke Week01.04.2024 14:00

With the first April days the most reckless celebration starts in the World of Faeo - Joke week. Hurry to take part in it and earn lots of Snide Cat tokens.

Scholars  Globius and  Avelius won't be disturbed by silly things, instead they'll offer you to use their new invention Sprayer, which will come in handy in joke battles 
New tasks and adventures await you!

Have fun, Warriors!
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 Jester Event - Easter Hunt01.04.2024 14:00

This weekend the Jesters are giving you the opportunity to have a "Player vs Player race" in our Easter Hunt in the forum. Throughout the weekend there will be riddles, puzzles and other brain teasers; the challenge is to solve them within 30 minutes.



But …

… it will be a "Player vs Player race". Any player, the challenger, may post a riddle, puzzle or brain teaser according to the theme of that day. At that moment the race begins: if the task is correctly solved by another player, the solution finder, within 30 minutes, this player will be the winner. If not, the challenger will have won this round. To make it even more interesting it will be a competition between the races. If a Magmar posts a question, only Humans are allowed to answer and vice versa.


On your marks …  get set … ASK!

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