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May 2024
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Brave residents of Faeo! A terrible roar has swept across the world, with news of the opening of a new magical portal which will take you to the ancient Plateau of Silence, year 134! Go back in time and show the enemy race what you are capable of!
At the entrance to The Plateau of Silence, year 134 you will have only 10 minutes to prepare, during which you will need to gather equipment and consumables. To do this, kill enemy scouts and inspect chests in the hunt screen. Connoisseurs of rare gizmos can also search for special chests. Each special chest contains very valuable contents: try your luck, but be careful - the chests can be found in the hunt screen of the battlefield itself!

Remember: the time to collect equipment is limited, so spend it wisely! After completing your preparation, you can go to the plateau and fight with the enemy team. Whether that will be in small group fights or a single large fight will be up to you to decide! If necessary, the effect Battle preparation can be dispersed early.
Please note that until the end of the event, when you first enter the game, you will receive 2 Prayerful Calls, instead of 1.
The size of the teams on this battlefield is 16 vs 16 players. To win, you need to score 24 points. Killing an enemy player will give your team 1 point. For participating in the Plateau of Silence, year 134, you will be rewarded with a corresponding achievement.
Plateau of Silence, year 134
But that's not all! This time, for winning the ancient Plateau of Silence, year 134, you will also receive 50 to 700 Trophy Hunters reputation (depending on your level), as well as 3 Mark of the Fearless Warrior tokens.
Don't be discouraged if you lose! For participation, you will receive
5 to 70 Trophy Hunters reputation (depending on your level), as well as 1 Mark of the Fearless Warrior.
The reward for winning or losing can be received up to
3 times a day!
*Please note that the daily participation counter for additional bonuses resets after 04:00 server time.
In addition, for winning, drawing or losing you will receive the same number of sacrificial coins, reputation and valour as for completing the battlefield Battle in Caves, year 386.
Important: you will be able to receive more sacrificial coins and reputation with a Mark of the Arbiters of Fate. We also draw your attention to the fact that quests and missions are disabled on this battlefield.
In attition, merchants from the Premium Shop can't miss this opportunity: since 17:00 29.03 till 11:00 01.04 there is a sale on Marks of the Arbiters of Fate in the Premium Shop!

The event will last from 16:00 on March 17 to 10:00 on  March 20.
Fight on The Plateau of Silence, year 134 and lead your race to victory!
Author: Tigerok  More (comments: 3)

 Bags of Magic Stones29.03.2024 12:00

Warriors of Faeo! In the Premium Shop, in the Perfect bezels section, you can buy upgrade bags for Perfect bezels with discounts up to 30%!


Till 12:00 01.04 you will receive an additional rewards for every 100  you spend in Premium Shop:

Hurry up to improve your perfect bezels!
Author: MisterFixxer  More (comments: 0)

 Bankers generosity!29.03.2024 12:00

Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of! 
When replenishing 50  125
When replenishing 300  125
When replenishing 100  250025
When replenishing 350  1525
When replenishing 150  125
When replenishing 400  125
When replenishing 200  325 When replenishing 450  325
When replenishing 250  21 When replenishing 500  11
When replenishing 600  150
When replenishing 800  150
When replenishing 1000  150


If your level is below 7 you will receive amulets Decrepit Dragon Gift Amulet instead of treats.

The offer will last from 29.03, 12:00 till 01.04, 12:00.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!!
Author: Tigerok  More (comments: 0)

 The chimera on the warpath!28.03.2024 15:00

The inventor's newest creation, the Battle Chimera, is near-perfect. Training has made her a formidable beast on the battlefield - she uses all of her various limbs skilfully against her enemies. It seems that victory over the hostile race is already sealed. But ...
... There is a “but” as there is in many of the discoveries made by our great scientists!

Unfortunately, the bad habits of the chimera never really have gone. Worse, she doesn't listen to orders at all anymore. The uncontrollable creature freed itself and in a fit of rage destroyed everything around it and left its home continent in devastation. The villages on their way were turn into ruins, the residents fled in horror. Those who hesitated died on the spot, caught under the force of the deadly tentacles. A terrible misfortune - worse than an invasion of enemies!
Stop the chimera before it's too late!
Otherwise, the enemy will leave behind a deserted continent!
Author: Tigerok  More (comments: 4)

 Shards of Hidden Wisdom27.03.2024 15:00

The spirits of the world permeate everything and determine the laws of nature, the course of events and the fate of the living. There are times when a mere mortal can touch its infinite wisdom. Yes, literally hold them in your hands!



But what should one do with these fragments of accumulated knowledge? Of course, the enlightened Flavviy and Pandrik know the value of these fragments. And the sages will offer a fitting reward for them, for these valuables are needed by Sheara herself!

In addition, by participating in the event, you can achieve the following achievements:

I’ve seen the Light!And there are no Books in it!Gratitude of the Goddess
Hurry up and learn all the details from Flavviy and Pandrik! Be aware - the hidden wisdom is important for the prosperity of Faeo!
Author: Tigerok  More (comments: 9)

We are announcing the winners of the in-game lottery dedicated to the event "The Return of the Destroyer!".

Last Sunday, the valiant warriors of   Ogriy, led by  MisterFixxer, clashed in battle against the brave fighters of  Khair under the banners of the commander-in-chief,  MisterDestroyer! The battle was legendary, and all participants received a lottery ticket. All that remains now is to sum up the results of the draw!
Congratulations to the lucky winners!
Author: Tigerok  More (comments: 7)

 Gifts for Diamonds Purchase25.03.2024 12:00

Diamonds, that shine under the rays of Mirrow, are rightfully considered to be the most valuable currency of the world of Faeo. Warriors with the handful of diamonds can open many doors, and tradesmen will be glad to offer rarest goods. Now you can receive valuable and important goods for the mere fact of purchasing diamonds, without actually spending them!

Warriors! Starting from today and till 12:00 29.03 when purchasing diamonds, during the special offer, you will receive gifts! There are 20 valuable gifts, which you will receive one by one for each  40 you buy.

IMPORTANT! You can now do that in multiple purchases - your reward will unlock after the sum of your purchases is greater than 40! After receiving one prize, you will receive the next one after purchasing another 40 diamonds in total. Remember that you don't have to spend the diamonds to get the rewards!
Hurry - this offer is limited in time!
Author: MisterFixxer  More (comments: 0)

 The Return of the Destroyer!23.03.2024 10:00

It is not often that the deities of the realm interfere with the trivialities that have consumed the mundane lives of both the  Magmar and  Human races. But even the mighty will not remain bound forever – after all what is power if you are not willing to unleash it, no matter whether for good or evil …


The Awakening of the Destroyer left a mark on the realm and it seems his path of destruction is not over yet...
Begin your preparations, warriors! You are fighting for your future after all!
Author: Liusaidh  More (comments: 12)

 Magic storm on Plateau!22.03.2024 17:00

Mages of Faeo haven't yet finished investigating the magic storms in different parts of the world, when a similar storm has already broken out on Ancient Plateau!
The only, but very significant change that the storm has brought into the usual battle rules on the Ancient Plateau is the inability to use most of the negative effects on the enemies in the above mentioned battlefields! But if one already has a negative effect on their character, it will not prevent them from visiting these!


Also, you will get 10 Gift of Power after teleporting on Plateu by clicking on !
You will also have no-break during the Magical Storm!
Event will start on 22.03 at 17:00 and will last 11:00 25.03. 

And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items in the Premium Shop. It will start on 22.03 at 17:00 and will last 11:00 26.03. 
Ready to meet the changed rules fully armed?
Will you have enough courage?
Author: Tigerok  More (comments: 1)

 Bankers generosity!22.03.2024 12:00

Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:

The offer will last till 25.03, 12.00.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!
Author: Tigerok  More (comments: 1)

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