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 Spheres of the Great Ergam16.01.2024 12:00

The eternal city of Ergam, which lies outside of Faeo, is already known to some. The brave warriors who managed to cross the border between the worlds appreciate its size and age, the wealth of the residents and the enlightenment of the sages. However, such transgressions are not without consequences for the universal balance. Sometimes they lead to the appearance of unpredictable astral currents that carry matter through a barrier between the worlds...

What mysterious storm brought these small fragments, crafted by Ergam crafters, to our world? Was it through emptying a rich merchant's warehouse? By destroying an old tomb on the outskirts? Walking through the corridors of the famous labyrinth, which still holds many secrets, with a merry roar? The details are unknown, even to the wisest of residents. However it does not matter! The main thing is that now the warriors of Faeo can take possession of the fragments of the Ergam sphere and receive all sorts of stats and achievements!

Hunter's Orb opened!Resource Gatherer's Orb opened!Warrior’s Orb opened!Orb of Orbs

During the Sphere of Great Ergam event, fragments of various Ergam spheres can be obtained by hunting, gathering resources and fighting on the battlefields. The art of Ergam crafters is such that, having obtained ten fragments of the same type, one can easily restore an entire sphere from them. And it will turn out not to be empty at all – it is enchanted with a powerful Ergam spell! The only catch is that you need a key to extract the valuables.

However, this is not an obstacle either. The craftsmen of Faeo have already set up the production of such keys, which can be purchased in the Premium Shop. Please note that keys vary in quality and give access to different amounts of content.
  • The dun of an event can be found in the "Events" user interface under the "Recent Events" tab;
  • You receive items Hunter’s Orb shard with a certain probability by killing monsters of your level and also guaranteed by defeating a super being (including in Abode of the Eternal Ice);
  • You receive items Warrior’s Orb shard with a certain probability when you win, lose or draw on the battlefields (including battlefields of the past);
  • Items Resource Gatherer’s Orb shard are obtained with some probability if you successfully collect the resource of one of the gathering professions;
  • You are guaranteed to receive items Locksmith’s Orb shard when you open spheres with special keys;
  • Every time you get a shard of an orb, you have a chance to receive a whole orb instead.
  • Keys can be purchased for  Gold or  Diamonds in the Spheres of the Great Ergam section of the Premium Shop;
  • Keys can only be purchased during the event.
Hurry to touch great Ergam’s magic, warrior!
It's not every day that the Astral Flow brings riches to Faeo from another world!
Author: MisterFixxer

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