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 Celestial Empowerment: Union of Constellations16.01.2024 12:00

The great procession of heavenly bodies has begun! The twelve constellations have united in the night sky, the outlines of which resemble beings in the world of the Faeo. And this means that their earthly counterparts are experiencing an unprecedented surge of strength. Only during the event in the world of the Great Dragons can you meet a dozen empowered versions of various, extremely dangerous creatures!

However, this does not mean that they can freely walk around the lands of Ogriy and Khair. All the chosen beings are bound and are hiding in one secluded stronghold, the Stone Heavens. There are exactly twelve locked halls, in accordance with the number of celestial versions of the creatures, and the door to each monster opens with a special magic scroll. Are you ready to test your strength in battle with such dangerous opponents? Then go and search the realm for scrolls!

Victories over the celestial versions will bring you Fragments of perfect bezels, special achievements, as well as a chance to receive a commemorative copper, silver or gold coin.

The Union of the Constellations: Edera

In addition, having defeated such a super-being, you can receive an additional reward by emptying the caches in his dwelling. The treasures can be opened by using Mithril keys. You can do this three times in total, but each time more keys will be required. For the first time, one key is enough, for the second, five, and for the third time you will need ten.
Boss Method for obtaining the scroll Possible Reward
Killing superbeings
Collecting resources
Killing monsters
Participation in Crystalline Caves and Meridian Vaults
Participation in the Arena
Participation in the Ancient Temple of the Chosen 
Participation in Tallaar's Halls
Performing daily activities
Participation in Chaotic battles
Performing daily tasks for city charters
Participation in battles on the Ancient Plateau, the Plateau of Silence, in Haunted Place and other disputed locations
Participation in events «Luck Glow», «Magic Mirrors», «Precious Chests»
  • You can put scrolls up for auction or sell them in any other way and also exchange them for others;
  • The entrance to the "Stone Heavens" dungeon is located in the Tower of War Mages and the Cave of War Mages;
  • The dungeon "Stone Heavens" is available for 2 hours and has a cooldown of 1 hour;
  • Per instance, you can defeat any number of celestial superbeings, but only once per boss.
  • Each member of your group needs to use an entry scroll in order to enter the hall where the boss dwells;
  • As a reward for killing bosses and opening caches, you will receive fragments of perfect bezels in accordance to your level;
  • At the end of the event, all entry scrolls will disappear from the game.
Please note that now, by defeating superbeings, with some probability you can receive a Bag of Magic Stones! In addition, you can exchange extra perfect frames in the Premium Shop under the "Union of Constellations" section for bags of magic stones. Please note - during the event you will be able to exchange frames for up to 10 bags of stones!

The constellations have united, but they still cannot cope with the valiant heroes of the Faeo!
Visit the lair of heavenly superbeings and emerge triumphant!
Author: MisterFixxer

1. AbominationH 17.01.2024 17:19
havent got a single scroll so far...
2. LilTasty 20.01.2024 14:01
need to make alternate ways of getting this because half of them never happen
3. LilTasty 20.01.2024 20:20
aslo a jump from 16,000 life for players 5-6 to 60,000 life for players level­ 7-8 is a bit much you need to account for the fact this game has no player base­ for groups to do anything and making stuff stupidly hard for certain level­ groups is just dumb
4. Green_warrior 25.01.2024 05:21
I agree with tasty, apart from the fact that the bosses are too difficult, there­ are no players of the same level who want to help kill them, so I skip this­ event.

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