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 ​The start of the Winter Games!26.02.2024 19:00

As it turns out, the Yetis had no insidious plans to attack Humans or Magmars at all. They just want to hold their traditional Winter Games! After entering the Snow Valley through a magical portal, the warriors quickly became convinced and even helped the locals with the preparations. And now the grateful Elder Mahongu announces the start of the annual competition. Everyone is welcome!

The warriors are offered to participate in six types of competitions. You can test your strength in fishinggelanf hunting, canoeing, throwing iciclesfighting in the confrontational arena, as well as in one-on-one battles.

You will receive special tokens for your sporting successes, which you can exchange for various goods in the Winter Games shop. Medals of honour are awarded to those who collect the most coins!

In addition, new requests from residents of the snowy city can be completed; Friendly Help Medals can be earned, thereby increasing the clan's contribution to the Snow Games.
Snow Games await the strong, skilful and brave!
Show the Yetis who the true champion of Faeo are!
Author: Liusaidh

1. Aragorn Hunter 26.02.2024 20:47
could make better rewards
2. Amfi666 26.02.2024 22:18
maybe fix the confrontatnion arena !!! why after the win, winner­ dont recive tokends !!
3. Ice Storm 26.02.2024 22:32
I reported the bug already don't worry. So basically the winner doesnt­ get any medals for the win in the server battle : EU-battle ; Otherwise­ everything seems to be fine now. But indeed, you don't get anything if­ you get send in this server battle during the confrontation arena.

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