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 Special Chests with Valuable Rewards!22.03.2024 12:00

Please note: for the duration of the event when opening Ten-Fold Precious Trunk the chance to get a rare prize is increased by 3 timesAlso, each time you open it, you are guaranteed to get from 1 to 5 Platinum Thaler or 50 Platinum Thaler with a small chance.



When opening Gilded Chest the chance to get a rare prize is increased by 3 times, each time you open it you will receive guaranteed from 15 to 45 Platinum Thaler or 250 Platinum Thaler with a small chance.

Brave Warriors! Merchants have opened their stores with precious chests and have graciously invited you to purchase unique goods in the City Fairs of  Dartrong and  O'Delvays
The chests hide many valuable rewards, including amulets of unique and powerful mounts: Cerrador, Scorpolion and Restless Dzerug! At the bottom of the precious caskets you can also find several useful items: сertificates, medallions for summoning pets and аmulets of war mages, encased chess pieces, combat elixirs and other valuable goods, including the folios «Мass Healing» and «Seal of Antimagic».
Now, as a superprize, you can receive special tokens that can be exchanged with the craftswoman Soygura and craftsman Ostap:

Please note, the tokens received will be non-transferable, however, after collecting two tokens and fulfilling the necessary criteria, they can be made transferable. When exchanging tokens, you will be able to choose an item that suits your level.
new collection, «Lucky Figurines II» is now available, as an alternative to gathering statuettes for a lasso to harness powerful mounts!

When gathering this collection, you will receive Flowing Mirror!

In addition, you can also receive a piece of one of  three style armours: «Grim Harvest»,  «Winter Thunder» and «Lord of the Underworld»:

- Read more about the event on the infoportal
The sale will last until 12:00 on 25.03.
For every 200 or 800 spent in the Precious Chests Shop, you will receive one of the items listed below:

With the help of the certificate, you will have access to the "Special Offer" section in The Precious Chests Store, as well as favourable conditions when exchanging diamonds in the bank!

Please note: The progress bar will be reset when the promotion ends.
Defenders of the Faeo, trust in fate and you will not lose! Buy special chests and discover valuable and useful goods! Let the contents of the caskets help you on the way to new victories and achievements!
Author: Tigerok, editor note: Tigerok

1. X-Big-Frank-X 22.03.2024 12:21
Favored by luck certificate... sorry i gdidn`t get that :-/
2. Mighty_Warlord 22.03.2024 19:31
20-30k gold spent and nothing....lmao u really know how to lose players­ truly truly do...this makes over 100k gold lost in a few events and­ not a single legend from it...HA

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