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 The Return of the Destroyer!23.03.2024 10:00

It is not often that the deities of the realm interfere with the trivialities that have consumed the mundane lives of both the  Magmar and  Human races. But even the mighty will not remain bound forever – after all what is power if you are not willing to unleash it, no matter whether for good or evil …




The age of creation breathed life into the Universe as we know it, all from the master hands of The Creator. Our history teaches us about the Gods, the creation of Faeo and even the arrival of Sheara. But even ancient texts can be misleading. One thing, however, is for certain: while scriptures can be rewritten, the universe has its own way to unveil history. And if you are unlucky, you will have the misery to be alive to witness it repeat itself.

The realm witnessed the overwhelming power of   MisterDestroyer once already. It left an everlasting mark, sending ripples of chaotic energy to even long forgotten corners of Faeo. However, the rampage against  MisterFixxer has not ended there! Harnessing the power of ancient magic,  MisterDestroyer has returned once again, bringing with him a Magical Storm on the Plateau of Silence. While the language of the ancients has been lost over time, a faint murmur can be heard resonating in the distance, “You were made from nothing, and you will return to nothing … for you are nothing!”.

During the Magical Storm on the Plateau of Silence, remain alert as this event will have a special twist. The wicked and evil  MisterDestroyer will take to battle, calling all  Magmars for their support in overthrowing the virtuous,   MisterFixxer, and changing the course of history. However,  MisterFixxer shall not fight alone – he has entrusted the  Human race with his safety, to triumph and put an end to the rampage.

 MisterDestroyer will emerge from his slumber on 24.03, 17:00.

The details of his plans remain a mystery, however one thing is for certain – all those who participate will be rewarded for their efforts.


Lottery rewards Number of draws
Sacred Forest Treasure Chest 2
Certificate tube 2
Small Set of Protective Plates 3
Style Token 3
Caliph Valikhara’s Bag 5
Small Set of Protective Plates 5
Shard of the Spirit Stone (2 pcs)  7


  • The draw for prizes will take place on Monday 25th March at 17:00 and prizes will be awarded the following day.
  • Once the prizes have been awarded, the lottery tickets can be exchanged for valuable consumables.

The greatest warriors of them all, those who manage to deal the most damage within their level group, will receive an additional prize!

Not only that, those who deal the most damage in the fight overall will receive a special reward to commemorate their efforts!

Please note: To be eligible for either of the damage based rewards, you must not be under the effect of invisibility!

Begin your preparations. You are fighting for your future after all!

Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

11. The_Godfather 25.03.2024 21:24
That fights were the way as Aykutluk wrote in the begining of the game 13 years­ ago. It was weekly on Saturdays, at day time. There can be time restriction­ to join the fight, but the current way is also fun.
12. 0gan 27.03.2024 10:56
the time to hit should be a maximum of 10 seconds, it's stupid that players­ staling every hit until the last second for several hours... it makes the fight­ very boring
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