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July 2024
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 Season of the Great Dragons!01.05.2024 15:00

The rays of Mirrow intensify, signalling the start of a new season. Overhead, the Great Dragons soar majestically, soaking in the long-awaited warmth after a chilling winter. But that is not all they yearn! From their heights they seek a thirst of battle - victories to signify the glory of their race! It is time to unsheathe your weapons and take to battle! 


The Great Dragons call upon you to compete and complete a series of tasks - those who show great perseverance will receive worthy rewards!

After completing each daily task, you will earn 5/10/15/30 progress points. For every 20 points of progress, you will receive a reward, which you can claim by clicking on the “Rewards” icon or on the “Claim all available rewards” button.

Once all available rewards have been earned and the progress bar reaches 1400 points, holders of the Gold Pass will be able to receive an additional recurring reward for every 60 points of progress. By purchasing the Premium Pass, you will have the opportunity to earn additional rewards as you make progress.
Please note: tasks will be reset daily at 04:00 server time. Additionally, Crossed Swords token obtained from the Battle Pass will not count towards the Crossed Swords Tournament.
So, what rewards will come with the special passes? By purchasing the Gold Pass, you will receive several useful items, including:


By purchasing the Premium Pass, you will receive additional rewards, including:


After purchasing either type of pass, you will have access to the function of opening one or more levels of progress. This will allow you to instantly obtain to the desired rewards without completing tasks. The cost of opening one individual reward level is  3.


Take arms and draw your weapons! The Season of the Great Dragons is upon us!
Author: Tigerok, editor note: Liusaidh

31. -CyberPunk- 03.05.2024 21:14
just FYI, the meridian vaults does not count in "battle Fight on any­ Battlefield" for battle pass, at least for lvl12. guess it is another bug?
32. -Tex- 04.05.2024 12:21
12:20 Unable to start chaotic battle. Minimum number of participants was not­ reached. 🤡
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