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 Jester Event - Preview Social Media May30.04.2024 10:00

As always, there was a constant coming and going in the tavern. But,  Liusaidh had noticed that it had been even busier than usual for a few months and she knew why: Her half-brother  CrackerJack had captivated dozens of warriors with his stories!
Of course, she didn't begrudge him this success, but it did scratch at her pride a little. In the past, all the warriors sat around her table and wanted to solve her riddles and share their creative side with the others. Now, the warriors who weren't busy with her half-brother's diary entries and tasks often sat with their minds away from this world on newfangled gadgets. They used to have conversations! With a sideways glance, she could see that even now, the few warriors who still had time to go for a shizo beer were busy with these very gadgets. The scientists have developed a new device that is very similar to the plates used for armor. Only, they are smaller and have moving images on them. Also, some of them probably couldn't afford to go to the tavern anymore, because the soldiers strictly enforced the new regulations "Don't drink and ride your mount" - which made the city's coffers ring!
 Liusaidh continued to observe what the warriors were doing with these devices. It ranged from asking questions to a strange "Dr. Goggle" to colorful block games where they spent hours moving stones back and forth to make them disappear. But none of the warriors looked really happy. Suddenly she had an idea. She had to move with the times! The warriors were still in the mood for little games and puzzles and she was an expert at them. Her mind was made up: She would now become an influencer! It would be a laugh if she couldn't inspire the warriors with this fancy modern stuff.
Here is a list of events in which you can participate in May!
Schedule May
01.05.2024 Liusaidh the new Influencer!
04.05.2024 Hangman - can you prevent the little man from hanging?
08.05.2024 Dig the treasure - find the right quadrant!
11.05.2024 Fill the gaps - that makes sense, right? 
15.05.2024 New seasonal food - we want something nice to eat!
18.05.2024 Through the maze - will you get lost?
22.05.2024 What is that? Yes, that is the question!
25.05.2024 WoD makeover - AI edition
29.05.2024 Cards against WoD - do you think you can win?
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Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

1. Allekk 30.04.2024 10:18
"We joke about latest events" Sure we can do it, kekw
2. Koniu_PL 15.05.2024 10:12
@liusaidh can You contact me? Got idea for the event :)

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