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July 2024
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 New batch of old smuggled goods!02.05.2024 12:00

Please note that by participating in the event, you can receive unique items as rare rewards: Khorsungum’s Helmet Token and Glif-a-Mirey’s Boots Token!

Warriors! Smugglers’ accomplices are spreading rumors that  Gloum and  Chigrik have gotten hold of rare items, which they are willing to sell in the Smuggling shop.
 Gloum and  Chigrik offer rare items that range from gnomish treasures to the hearts of mighty Kroffdors and Eldives. Some claim that they have seen items that belonged to General UyarrMO himself!
In order to cover their tracks smugglers have put the items in special linen bags. This time the smugglers have prepared a unique offer for you! The supply of items smugglers offer is limited, hence one warrior can only buy a limited number of smuggled bags (provided that they meet level requirements). Only one of each bag will be purchasable with  gold. You will however be able to purchase 3 copies of the same bag with  diamonds.

This time each bag additionally contains one of the following items:

Now you will find new guaranteed rewards in bags listed above:
Once you purchase 3 bags of the same kind with  diamonds, you will automatically receive 1 additional bag that correspond to the level of the bags that you have purchased as a bonus.
You will be able to find out what is inside the bag only after you have purchased it. Nevertheless, smugglers  assure warriors that the quantity of resources received from bags has been increased! In addition, the chances of receiving rare items have also been increased! Note that the contents of these bags will help with raising your reputation!

The bags will be available in the Smuggling shop.
For each 100  diamonds spent in the Smuggling shop, you will receive the following items:

During the this month you can also find tokens Gladiator’s Coin in bags:
Please note: you can now purchase a A box of illegal goods from the Smuggling shop!

The sale will last from 12:00 02.05 until 12:00 04.05.

Don't miss the chance to get unique goods!
Author: MisterFixxer

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