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 Spring Marathon!03.05.2024 15:00

As spring blossoms in Faeo, it is time to emerge from a long, restful slumber. The gentle breeze carries not only the scent of beautiful flowers and roars of livening cities, but also new delights that have never been seen before! Pack your bags and ready your equipment, for it is time for the Spring Marathon!

Over the next 14 days, an assortment of tasks await you, the completion for which will bring you a special currency - Spring Season Marathon Coin! Collect as many of these coins as possible and hurry to the City Fairgrounds, where you can exchange them for a range of valuable goods!

Personal tasks include a variety of activities: 

Spring Marathon - Killing monsters ISpring Marathon - Killing monsters II Spring Marathon - Killing monsters IIISpring Marathon - Killing monsters IVSpring Marathon - Killing monsters VSpring Marathon - Killing monsters VISpring Marathon - Killing monsters VIISpring Marathon - Killing monsters VIIISpring Marathon - Killing monsters IXSpring Marathon - Killing monsters X
Spring Marathon - Kill superbeings ISpring Marathon - Kill superbeings IISpring Marathon - Kill superbeings IIISpring Marathon - Kill superbeings IVSpring Marathon - Kill superbeings VSpring Marathon - Kill superbeings VISpring Marathon - Kill superbeings VIISpring Marathon - Kill superbeings VIII Spring Marathon - Kill superbeings IXSpring Marathon - Kill superbeings X
Spring Marathon - Battlefield ISpring Marathon - Battlefield IISpring Marathon - Battlefield IIISpring Marathon - Battlefield IVSpring Marathon - Battlefield VSpring Marathon - Battlefield VISpring Marathon - Battlefield VIISpring Marathon - Battlefield VIIISpring Marathon - Battlefield IXSpring Marathon - Battlefield X
Spring Marathon - Resource gathering ISpring Marathon - Resource gathering IISpring Marathon - Resource gathering IIISpring Marathon - Resource gathering IVSpring Marathon - Resource gathering VSpring Marathon - Resource gathering VISpring Marathon - Resource gathering VIISpring Marathon - Resource gathering VIIISpring Marathon - Resource gathering IXSpring Marathon - Resource gathering X

Additionally, server-wide common goals will be available to complete collectively. If one common goal out of four is completed within the 14 days of the Marathon, eligible players will receive a Small Spring Season Marathon Chest. If two out of the four common goals are completed, they will receive a Medium Spring Season Marathon Chest. For completing three out of the four common goals, they will earn a Large Spring Season Marathon Chest. Finally, with the combined effort of zealous warriors who manage to complete all four common goals, the reward will be a Rare Spring Season Marathon Chest.

Important: The Marathon chest improves as you complete common goals. As a reward, you will be given оne chest corresponding to your progress.
Please note: Participation in the «Arena of Underground Knights» battlefield, as well as collecting resources in the Land of the Genies, will not count towards progression for the Marathon.
The Spring Season Marathon Chests will be available to players who complete a total of 20 or more personal tasks, in accordance with the progression of server-wide common goals. The chest can be claimed from Elders  Baguron and  Verkiry in the City Squares of each continent from 15:00, 17 May until 15:00, 24 May. The Marathon store will also be open during this period.
From the 03.05 15:00 until the end of the marathon, players from level 5 to 20 will be able to participate in Meridian Vaults. Players will compete against others within their own level group. Players between level 5-15 will receive a random set of equipment on the battlefield. Normal rules will apply to players of level 16+ and above.

Please note: injuries will be automatically healed after combat on the battle server.
As a well-deserved reward for victory, you will receive Midday Reward Chest, and for defeat - Small Midday Award Chest. Please note: without the Midday coin of Good Luck token, you can only receive three Midday Reward Chests per day.
Please note: personal tasks can be completed until 15:00 on 17 May.
Join your friends, complete tasks and compete in combat. Special rewards await you this spring!
Author: Tigerok, editor note: Liusaidh

31. -CyberPunk- 05.05.2024 20:25
and maybe let different resources count as different points to the collection­ progress, depending on the time required to collect them? Otherwise, what is the­ point that all people are now collecting level 1 grey resources. At the same­ time, why farming lvl1 mobs does not count for hunting progress? not very­ logical tbh.
32. --Delta-- 06.05.2024 11:12
Well this is a great event! To think im getting rewarded for things i do­ anyway is great!
33. --Delta-- 06.05.2024 11:14
Btw this event should be every season....just a thought...oh yeah have it­ include arena battles towards the battlefields portion next time...its not easy­ to get any battlefields going except maybe arenas
34. --Delta-- 15.05.2024 17:03
Well Done!!....Now if we can get an extension for say...7 days...I know­ I know that might be pushing it. But since you guys are in the giving­
35. Krutka 16.05.2024 20:52
7 days could be much. but at least weekend should be added. like 3 days.
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