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 CrackerJacks Secret Diary-The Map04.05.2024 15:00

For anyone who doesn't know me yet, let me introduce myself; I am   Crackerjack. My half-sister  Liusaidh encouraged me to share my travel experiences with you.

The idea of writing a diary didn't come from me at all. On my travels I met many people and creatures, some more interesting than others. There were a lot of good and decent characters - but also some who weren't worth getting to know. The idea of writing a diary wasn't mine, but the advice to write everything down came from someone I could not ignore...But everything in its own time..


The rabbit puzzle is still not really solved.
But taking the risk of becoming a rabbit myself was too much for me and not worth the solution.

But nothing was lost yet, because of course I hadn't given up. Could you have imagined that a rabbit could be such an adventure?

But now I was truly standing in the forest.


The best use of knowledge is to share it!


Are you up for the challenge?


Task and Schedule 


Your Task(s):

Go to  Crackerjack in the tavern and ask him for more of his diary entries.



Quest is available from 04.05.24





  Rules and Conditions of Participation  



You can find the general event rules here!

Please Read the Rules! By participating, you confirm that you have read this and have accepted.

The quest takes place entirely in the game, there is no forum task. You will receive your reward directly for solving the quest.




 Can you decode the map? 

Author: Liusaidh, editor note: Liusaidh

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